Our boats seat 20 people or fewer comfortably. Their small size means they’re more maneuverable and can access canals that bigger boats can’t.
Join us for a private canal tour. Please note that due the new Covid-19 rules that we may except only private tours consisting of smaller groups that are of the same household.
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Private Tours:

Do you want to hit the water with your own group, to celebrate a special occassion or to share a special moment? Then book a private tour! With anywhere from 5 to 35 people, you can discover the beauty of amsterdam with friends, colleagues or family in true style. Our boats are fully electric, so you’ll hear the water and not the engine. Worried about the environment? Don’t be! Our boats are solar-powered, so their environmental impact is minimal. Feel free to bring your own refreshments. We have a roof, heating and blankets on board.

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Rederij Paping (small groups) (larger groups)

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