About us

Boat Trips by Locals is a cooperation between Rederij Paping and Sloepvrienden. In the past we only offered private tours. We received a lot of requests from guests who wanted to sail with us, but simply couldn’t afford a private tour. Because we want everyone to experience a boat tour that’s personal and by skippers who love the city, we’ve decided to join our forces together. That way we can offer regular tours without compromising on customer service.

Rederij Paping started 9 years ago. Skipper Marc Paping, also known as Paap started sailing his little boat in the Amsterdam canals when his friend got sick and he wanted to show her around the city. Then all his friends wanted to have a tour as well. The business idea expanded when he started to ask strangers to have a tour on the Amsterdam Canals.


What our guests are saying about us:

“I can’t wait to get back in the ‘Dam to take a tour.”

 “My folks are coming over in early June. We’ll definitely take a ride.”

 “I had a 2 hour tour with Cpt. Paap at sunset in Amsterdam canals and in the harbour part of the city. It was awesome, the boat is very quiet spacious although we were 12. Paap is very knowledgable about the history of the city and especially of the canals. I would definitely recommend this for anybody who wants a more authentic experience of the canals with a very friendly guide!”

“Dar una vuelta por los canales con Paap en su barco electrico es una expereriencia fantastica que recomiendo a quien quiera conocer Amsterdam de una manera especial!”