Quality Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of 1500 bridges, connecting 90 man-made islands across a hundred kilometers of canals. In effect, there are two cities – one made of roads and bridges, the other made up of waterways. And the truth is, you haven’t seen Amsterdam until you’ve stepped on board, taken a quality canal cruise, and seen it from the other side. It really is a different world. Gone are the cars, the trams and the bicycles. In their place, there are pleasure boats, canal cruises and the lulling sway of the waterways. Sure, the museums, coffee shops and bicycle rentals are nice. But the truth is, if you haven’t gotten on the canals then you haven’t really seen Amsterdam. So, don’t miss out! Book Now!

On our cosy boats (10-20p) we pride ourselves on telling you the city’s tales and showing you the best spots Amsterdam has to offer, including canals bigger boats can’t reach. We’re also perfectly suited for families, children and even dogs! You’d be surprised how much man’s best friend enjoy trips on the waterways. Our skippers, who are city enthusiasts and Amsterdam natives love to improvise, so every cruise is unique. As we don’t have set routes, we don’t use cassette tapes. Instead, it is the skipper who tells you the tales and explains the stories. Feel free to ask any question you might have! Amsterdam has been a vibrant cultural and economic capital for hundreds of years and the canals Play a vital role. That’s why they’ve been declared a UNESCO heritage site and why your trip to our beautiful city won’t be complete without a canal cruise. 

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We offer private quality canal cruises throughout the day and evening, so you can experience Amsterdam at her best. Book your private canal cruise now: Book Now!  

Prefer a private tour?

Then check out www.rederijpaping.nl & www.sloepvrienden.nl for smaller and bigger tours respectively.  

What our guests are saying about us:

“I can’t wait to get back in the ‘Dam to take a tour.”

 “My folks are coming over in early June. We’ll definitely take a ride.”

 “I had a 2 hour tour with Cpt. Paap at sunset in Amsterdam canals and in the harbour part of the city. It was awesome, the boat is very quiet spacious although we were 12. Paap is very knowledgable about the history of the city and especially of the canals. I would definitely recommend this for anybody who wants a more authentic experience of the canals with a very friendly guide!”

“Dar una vuelta por los canales con Paap en su barco electrico es una expereriencia fantastica que recomiendo a quien quiera conocer Amsterdam de una manera especial!”